Domaine de Goncourt started its life over 30 years ago when the areas between Chalon en Champagne and Saint Dizier were found to contain huge deposits of gravel that were needed for the construction industry around France. The lakes were originally a bi product of the this extraction and left alone to mature for 10 years or more until they were stocked with small carp with the idea for lakes to be used in the future for fishing.

Originally the Domaine De Goncourt Lakes were offered on a day ticket basis and local anglers started to fish the still quite immature lakes more regular. After a few years the lakes started to mature more, as did the fish and as the carp soon got to specimen size this made the complex become more popular. Domaine de Goncourt then started to marketed to the UK and Benelux carp anglers, this saw an influx of fishermen from all around Europe which saw its reputation grow even more.

Around 14 years ago Pascale Briallart took over the reigns of the complex and pushed the complex forward by adding "the personal touch". Her drive and passion for carp is unsurpassed by any carp angler that has walked on the Goncourt complex, this can still be seen today by her constantly striving to produce one of the best carp angling complexes in Europe.

Pascale was soon joined by Maxime Briallart who is a former French carp angling champion. This added the perfect ingredient to Domaine de Goncourt as Maxime brought with him an anglers point of view to what was required within a fishing complex. So, now we see both Pascale and Maxime working to push Domaine de Goncourt forward for the next 10 years with their enthusiasm and drive to fulfil the modern day carp anglers needs.


Folly Lake (new)

Robin Lake

La Botte

Woods Lake

La Traque

Charlie Lake

King Lake

Les Saules

Pascale Lake


Domaine de Goncourt has grown a reputation of being a complex where you can relax and enjoy your fishing with friends and family. Pascale always looks to go that extra mile to please her customers, be it a simple bread delivery or a birthday celebration on the lake.

Pascale's customers are her priority so if you are celebrating a special occasion why not do it at Goncourt.