Customers that have booked and fished on my complex over the last 3 years will be entitled to a Domaine de Goncourt booking voucher.

Due to the high volume of customers I currently have wanting to fish I feel this is a fair way to continue great times on the bank and social memories.

Once you have a voucher code you may enter this on the website, which will enable you to make a booking for the next 2 years ahead for available dates.

Do not worry if you have not fished my complex before, you are always welcome to enquire about any available dates we may have. Please understand that loyal existing customers will have the first opportunity to make bookings!

Please click here to request a booking code, give us as much information as possible about yourself! Including your full name, address and phone number. Please include a lead name of a booking if previously fished any lakes I own within a group,  along with your postcode and an email address you personally use and keep!

Pascale x