Please note all bait needs to be ordered prior to arrival. Please use the form at the end of this page for ordering.

Maxime's Chilli Mix : 20 euros per 7kg bag

Maize cooked : 20 euros per 10kg per bag

Hemp cooked : 20 euros per 6.5kg per bag

Pellet : 20 euros per 6.5kg bag.

All of our pellets are Top Quality fish feed pellet available in 5mm, 7mm and 9mm sizes. We refresh our stock every 6 months to maintain the quality of this food source.

Boilies: Standard Range.

Coco Cream - €45.00 per 5kg Our best just got better. When I saw the ingredient mix for this bait I knew it would be even better. This mix has been put together exclusively for Domaine De Goncourt and the flavour combination to go with it is just divine.  The mix is a vegetable and protein mix with the inclusion of defatted coconut flour, toasted lupin flour, Rice flour. In total there are 10 ingredients plus the unique exclusive flavour combination.  The vegetable oil used has the flavours included then CSL plus our all-important special appetite stimulator to keep those carp coming back for more.  As this is our newest bait and unique to us I have priced it at the standard price and not on our Goncourt Special price. I believe this bait will prove itself to be very special indeed. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm.

Red Angel - €45.00 per 5kg A meaty mix with fruit aromas that blends wonderfully together. The flavour combination of Peach and Pepper needs no introduction and has been one of our best selling flavours on the complex for the past 18 years. Added to this flavour combination is another 2 top flavour attractors just to give it a little change and keep it working.  This bait includes all the top fish meals and proteins with Salmon meal, Krill meal, not forgetting the ever-popular Robin Red. The liquids are blended then added with the inclusion of salmon oil, salt, a spice mix and appetite stimulators. This gives the bait its unique aroma which has produced an incredible amount of big fish all over France. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm.

Master Crab - €45.00 per 5kg This is bait that we all know but now, not just a standard base mix with a flavour.  This mix has a high end nutrient value due to the ingredients which are used. These include pre-digested fish meals, proteins, Mussel meal, Crab meal, Crayfish meal and Blood meal. Add to this the flavour blend, liquid liver, natural crab extract, and of course the now infamous Monster Crab flavour which gives a unique aroma that is hard to resist. Oh, I nearly forgot the appetite stimulator complex and sardine oil used to round this mix off. One of the French field testers believes that this is one of the best instant fish catchers of all time and works on any water where it has been used. We are sure this one will be popular with our anglers. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm

Red Ball- €45.00 per 5kg 
 This boilie definitely stimulates the carp senses when it comes to quality ingredients. The effectiveness of this boilie was instant from the start of field-testing and continues to catch on the same venues to this day. The attraction is catching for sure with the same big fish getting caught on this mix over and over again. It is addictive for sure. The flavour combination and mix have been designed to be instant but also still retain that attraction over a full day out in the lake.  The mix is a mind blowing tour through base mixes, from fish meal to proteins to vegetable protein and spices. It should be called “my head hurts” but one thing for sure is it catches. The ingredients also include the famous Robin Red, Oyster shell flour, Squid extract, Krill meal, NHDC and of course Taurine to make it so special. Again, a few little secrets are also added to round off this bait. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm.

Goncourt Specials. Available in 1kg or 5kg Bags

Hard water - €60.00 per 5kg or €12.00 per kg Hard water - A boilie designed for as the name suggests “hard waters”. One of the problem with harder waters is the  abundance of natural food to which the carp become accustomed to. This makes it very difficult to tempt these carp away from “naturals” unless you know what stimulates them from the natural world.  The boilie uses a series of the latest natural attractors which stimulate the carps chemoreceptors just like “natural” food sources.  One of the attractors imitates the natural secretions of a crayfish which is known to get the carp stimulated into a frenzy searching for its natural quarry. This boilie is one for picking out the “special ones” from our harder waters but has caught well on our easy runs waters too, just because it is a little bit different.  The base mix also has some the latest ingredients to add the liquids included making this a very special “ Goncourt Special”


Power Ball - €60.00 per 5kg or €12.00 per kg This mix relies purely on its incredible uniquely attractive hormone which comes from Australia. The “flavour” triggers the carps’ reaction to feed and accepts this as a natural food source due to its close connection to sex pheromone. This is not something that complicates the carps reaction during the spawning season but continues to attract them to a baited area using part of this pheromone. I could go into the scientific details of this but the field testers have reported this to be the best stalking bait they have ever used. The colour is also scientifically proven to be attractive as this colour is in their specific colour range of sight which aids attraction. The mix is again a blend of the mixes from our Goncourt Special range but does not have a specific flavour except for the attractors used but this does produce those special carp that rarely get caught. This bait is probably as high-tech as you can get without the tag of a flavour blend. Try this bait and you will not be disappointed by its unique pulling power. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm.

Spice Ball - €60.00 per 5kg or €12.00 per kg 
 This is one hell of a spicy mix. We nearly named it “Hell Ball” as it contains one hell of a spice mix. We are told it contains nearly every spice on the planet so this is where it gets its unique taste.  The base mix used is already a little spicy to start with while using Robin red, Fenugreek, and a standard spice blend.  The base mix again is the one used for all the Goncourt Specials but this one has the addition of cinnamon round off the taste of this boilie. The attractants again are natural with the spices included and then added to this is ever-reliable pheromone compound which gives instant attraction to any carp in the swim. Our field testers have shown this bait to be productive at the start of the session or when moving swims and want that instant bite to get your confidence back. This boilie is available in 15mm and 20mm

We carry a great stock of boilies on site. All of the bait supplied by Domaine de Goncourt is made fresh, rolled fresh and stored fresh. We want to offer the best quality bait to our customers for their arrival on the lakes. 

Domaine de Goncourt only permits professional prepared bait for fishing, unprepared baits or poor quality baits cause fish death and I do not want this on the complex. Please ensure you read all the rules before booking.

I have had yet more instances this year of people using nuts! I do not allow any kind of nuts on any of my lakes.  Any person found to be using any kind of nuts will be told to stop fishing, leave the complex immediately and the whole group will not be allowed to rebook with Domaine de Goncourt in the future.

This also applies to certain rigs used within the complex, again this year we have anglers using lead core. the rules clearly state that this product is banned and much more suitable products are available for you to use to ensure fish safety.

Maxime will be doing regular rig and bait checks on all of the lakes this year to make sure we do not have this happen again.

Please order your bait on arrival with Maxime or myself, we regularly visit you during your stay to ensure anything you need is at hand. The complex only permits professional bait for fishing, unprepared baits or poor quality baits cause fish death and is not allowed on our complex. Please ensure you read all the rules before booking..

We will only use the information you enter here to respond to your specific query. We may keep a record of that correspondence for customer support.