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Pascale Briallart

Welcome to the newest addition to Domaine De Goncourt in 2024. Folly Lake is over 30 years old, it has never been fished before and has only ever been owned by one family in all its life. There could be some big surprises inside. The carp found so far have been mid 50s.

The previous use for the lake was as a swimming pool. The depth of the lake goes down to 4 metres and is crystal clear water. You see many of the inhabitants just swimming along the margins without a care in the world.

The lake truly is a heaven on earth and once you are in through the gates there is nowhere else you would rather be, just you, nature and the carp.

It reminds me lots of the "Passion For Angling" episode on The Secret Lake where they watched the uncaught monster carp swim by. It really is that magical.

More information about Folly Lake:

Size: 5 acres
2 boats available
4 anglers maximum on an exclusive basis only.
Toilets & shower
Kitchen in bricks built lodge with porch
Charging area
We will have a microwave and hob for cooking
Small Lodge for cooking

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